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    Chicago's Mortal Music is pleased to announce the second in its DR (digital release) series, "Man::Instincts" from expansionist UK metallers MONSTERWORKS on July 10, 2012. The MONSTERWORKS DR "Man::Instincts" will be available as a free download for a limited time. The lyrics are included as a bonus jpg download.




In the course of its existence MONSTERWORKS has been responsible for albums as farfetched as a metal space adventure concept album in two parts (Spacial Operations - 2007and Singularity - 2009), but more recently has explored philosophical territory (The God Album - 2011) and an approach to recording that mostly relies on "old-school" technology, i.e. 24 track, 2-inch tape, like the classic albums the band grew up with. It was time to take a step back and rediscover the grit that made metal great, rather than the over-polished mechanical production that is often evident in modern releases.

Stylistically the band has always been difficult to pin down, at one moment death metal, in another stoner rock, then back to thrash; but the challenge to the listener is intentional and somehow in the end it works (in the context of heavy metal, which is the only essential influence). What is important is that the music does not switch between styles for the sake of it, nor to show off; it is just what feels right in the moment.

MONSTERWORKS has, possibly to its own detriment, never followed trends or towed the line; preferring to forge its own path in the continually evolving world of heavy metal. In this respect it has always stayed true to its mission statement:



released July 10, 2012



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Track Name: The Creation Dream
Purest dream instantly conceived
Seven days make the weak
Cells divide, code propelled
An imagination is born
Warm hum, pervades
prevailing atmosphere
Explore a womb, introverted inner space

From the moment that life
was made out of nothing
In the absence of light,
but still it finds a way
In the dreaming
The secret to creation

Rainbow of thought, sans prior knowledge
Perceive new shapes,
new colours not yet seen
From the moment that life
was made out of nothing
In the absence of light,
but still it found a way

In the dreaming
Safe from outside influence
Forge a new year zero
Sum of the parts equal .... sentience
Track Name: All Suns Die
Innocence is a blissful state
Hold on for as long as you can
Trap…its purity

The day I first faced my mortality
Was the day I found out
the Sun would die
All Suns Die

If it were possible to turn back time
To avoid the moment of discovering
the lie
Would you try?

The day I first faced my mortality
Was the day I found out
the Sun would die
An end to childhood,
Which would start the journey
To build foundations
For what I will become
The day I first faced my mortality
Was the day I found out
the Sun would die
Track Name: Free Will
To test faith; tempt alternatives
Your devil is your potential….

A priest lies to protect a redundant view
Tho’ never real it enslaved the world you knew
Men behind the curtain pull the strings
Open your eyes, learn for yourself

Why must tradition hold you back?
Why is what you have not enough for you?

For every child that died unnecessarily
There is a stooge that worshipped popularity
Perhaps one piece of the fiction could be true?
And that is this: free will

Every creed there ever was
Has nothing to hide behind
All faiths will dissolve
In the passages of time
If your god would punish you
Two thousand years of servitude
Perhaps he is no god
The god is you, (inside) free will

When the clouds have moved aside
You will see the puzzle gone

Forevermore resist the mythology
Criticise with what you can verify
A choice apart from blind faith:
The greatest sin of all

All faiths will dissolve